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March 31, 2010

Which country would you consider to be the best to live in and why?

… . Cobble stones, like much of Europe, decorated the streets. On those streets, horse drawn carriages gave people another mode of transportation. Children would sit in the front, and “help” the drivers steer. Lights set the city aflame at night. An …

March 30, 2010

Tour The Splendour Of The Austro Hapsburg Cities

… cannot be underestimated as a key element to a successful holiday.

Having travelled regularly in Austria I advise flying into Vienna International and heading straight for the car hire desk. Once you have your transport a few days in …

What is your favorite snack food and why?

foods, just putting a piece of sliced turkey around the pickle gives it that “WOW” that satisfies my snack need. If you eat a Vienna sausage by itself, it is almost like eating a piece of raw hot dog. It just does not have that “ZING” I like to …

March 29, 2010

Why You Should Consider Salzburg For Your Next Vacation

… the cathedral, and visit the many historical points of significance nearby such as Eagle’s Nest, which was Hitler’s retreat. Getting around is easy and you can enjoy efficient train services to places such as Munich and Vienna as well as easy …

March 28, 2010

A visitors guide to Vienna, Austria

… the best Australian food in the country. Pointers is your all purpose bar, filled with young people looking to party the night away.

Vienna is a lot more than just wine, but of course, that is still the best part. If you are in Austria this …

Train travel recommended for vacationers

… the train from the suburbs to travel into the city, a mere 20 minutes and $0.20.

Just like in Europe train travel in South America is still reasonably priced and offers you the opportunity to see the sights without getting lost or having to …

March 27, 2010

Travelling with your cat

… .
A worthy master who deserves to be called such will always plan
ahead so that his animal experiences the transportation in the
best of conditions. Certain animals are familiarized at a young
age with transportation from one place to another, and …

Romantic Vienna – City of High Culture and Old World Charm

… hotel – the Hotel Das Treist – with its laid back élan, colourful interior and chic Italian restaurant?

Getting to this romantic Austrian paradise is quick and easy with cheap

March 26, 2010

European Car Hire Part 1

… of Austria. Find the car hire bureau and be off!

From Vienna head south towards the Danube River Valley and check out the impressive castles, …

Planes, trains & automobiles: Transport nightmares

… Luck was not on our side tonight, thats for sure, and what was about to take place later on was a perfect example of this.

Vienna we were told was the only train we could get that would have trains going to Prague, but not Venice nor any …

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