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May 31, 2010

Hello From Austria – Going Back To My Roots (Part I)

… , the majority of North Americans has never even heard of it. When people think of traveling to Austria, the destinations Vienna, Salzburg and Innsbruck instantly come to mind. Surprisingly Graz is still mostly flying under the radar as far as North …

May 30, 2010

Essential features of world class hotels

… in 1883, evokes all kinds of opulent images, and with good reason: As it ran routes between Paris, Strasbourg, Vienna and Bucharest, the original hotel-on-tracks became second-home to royalty, celebrities, and fictional murderers. The legacy of rail …

Halloween party theme ideas

… on an angle at the tip in chocolate syrup or chocolate shell syrup. Paint the fingers with dilute green food color.

Or use the small Vienna sausages, dip the finger nail end into brown mustard.

You can make “Brains” from popcorn balls. …

Travel website reviews:

… have dinner at your hotel except if you’re staying in any of the major cities, such London, Paris, Rome, Vienna, and so forth; where dining out is a major attraction. Most of the people who took these tours have mixed reactions to the food that is …

May 28, 2010

Explaining the behavior of female dogs

… was staying with me and was sleeping with Vienna next to her, (when my daughter is around, I become invisible to Vienna, save for time to eat), my daughters nose started to bleed while she slept and Vienna came over to me while I was watching T.V. …

I Love Italian Wine And Food – The Fruili-venezia Giuli Region

… only became part of Italy in 1954. This city was once the principle port of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Like Vienna, Austria, Trieste is filled with cafés. It is also home to the famous International Center for Theoretical Physics.

Friuli …

May 27, 2010

Best spring travel destinations for seniors

… deemed as a ’spa town’ which is actually situated on the lower Austrian outskirts.Only 26 kilometers south of Vienna, it is home to a wonderful blend of diverse culture, historical buildings, many places of interest and the tranquil calm waters of …

10 Fun Things to do in Vienna

… of the island are is floating pubs, which you must make time to experience.

7. Go marketing at the Naschmarkt – One of Vienna’s biggest markets, the Naschmarket will allow you to do your marketing as well as to partake in the colourful …

May 26, 2010

The Story Of Porsche Automobiles

… to work under the name of “Doctor of Engineering Ferdinand Porsche, Inc. Construction Facility for Land, Air, and Sea Transportation” in Stuttgart. His son, Ferry, was one of his employees, and his major interest was in sport and racing cars.

Is the recent increase in natural disasters Gods judgement?

By my reckoning, I’d say not. Sure, the news has been full of reports of floods, earthquakes, and so on. But are we getting any more than usual? To grab some figures randomly, A0197837.html suggests that we get 1.3M …

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