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August 29, 2010

Vienna Celebration Of Life

… produced DJ stars of today along with sampling and remixing gods like Kruder & Dorfmeister, Pulsinger & Tunakan, and DSL.

Vienna’s youth scene is booming as never before. Whole quarters of the city appear as if the hills had never been …

August 28, 2010

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Mozart Year 2006

… “. It was premiered in Salzburg in the same year and is one of his best known pieces.

Mozart spent 1786 in an apartment in Vienna which may be visited today at Domgasse 5, behind St Stephen’s Cathedral. It was here that Mozart composed “The …

August 26, 2010

Reflections: Why travel

… our summer of backpacking through Europe.

When on a trip that long, you can’t help but to meet people. Whether in a hostel, hotel or on the street, you meet many people from many walks of life.

After a short visit to Venice, my wife …

August 24, 2010

Bookworm’s Paradise Vienna Guide

… and provides access to 240,000 pieces of print as well as to 60,000 electronic media items.

Libraries in Vienna are a customer-oriented service organization with a vast range of up-to-date quality media to choose from plus specific …

August 16, 2010

The Neutral Space – Uno City

… the VIC, which also offers catering, banking, postal and shopping facilities. Larger conferences can be accommodated in the neighboring Austria Center Vienna a conference and exhibition centre with a capacity of 6000.The VIC is an extraterritorial …

August 11, 2010

A Simple Secret to Saving Big On Hotels in Europe

… sites. Austria ’s, for example, is:
Maybe you planned to stay in Salzburg or Vienna. Look on a map of Austria and locate a town that looks close to your target city.

Let’s pick Zell …

Bond With Music

… with the aid of a computerized landscape more of their work and lives. A large map of Vienna from the beginning of the nineteenth century marks all 68 apartments where Beethoven once lived as well as the surrounding woods and spa resorts where he …

August 9, 2010

Humorous cat behavior

… smell left by the koshka?”

Eva (surprised): “Yes, but did you keep her here in the apartment?”

My mother: “Of course. Many people in Vienna keep koshkas in the house.”

E (more surprised): “Really? I never heard of it!”

Hotel reviews: Hotel Sacher, Vienna

… than the Hotel Sacher. Vienna is called “Europe’s Main Street,” and the Hotel Sacher is right there, a vital part of mainstreet. Vienna’s Hotel Sacher is a 5 star luxury hotel, built in the style of the Hapsburg monarchy. Its rich history blends …

August 6, 2010

Extravagnt Hofburg’s – Imperial Palace

Vienna Boys’ Choir, the Austrian president’s office, 5,000 government workers, and several important museums.

The Imperial Apartments of the palace are lavish, Versailles-type “wish-I-were-God” royal rooms. One can stroll through the audience …

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