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July 21, 2010

Creative green gift wrapping

Creative “green” gift wrapping is not that hard… it just requires thinking outside the box a bit and looking around to see what is available. My hobby is going to auctions, estate sales, and yard sales/flea markets with my husband and mother-in-law. Invariably, I will end up with an assortment of tins, vases, and other containers… especially when I win the bid for a “lot” of articles at an auction. The auctioneer frequently lumps less-than-desirable items with a “good” item in order to complete a sale. Some of the items end up in a box for Goodwill… but others are tucked away to serve as gifts and containers in the future.

Some of my favorites include:

* baskets

* decorative tins – with or without a lid

* unusual vases and glass containers

* pretty bowls

* teacups and saucers

* china plates

Sometimes, I will place a gift in a pretty bowl or decorative container and then tie everything up with clear cellophane and a nice ribbon. I know… the cellophane is not particularly “green” – but if the recipient recycles the wrapping and uses it to give a gift to another, then hopefully it doesn’t end up in a landfill… and maybe someone will figure out even more uses for it down the road.

Recently, I bought straw purses on clearance at a department store. They became my “gift bags”… and a part of the gift. I tied a pretty ribbon to the handles, attached a gift tag, and stuffed other goodies in the compartments of the purses. The recipients were thrilled.

I picked up a darling vintage cookie jar at an estate sale – ceramic with a little rattan handle. These were popular in the fifties… my mom and grandmother had them. Filled with nostalgic cookies – like Oreos, Vienna Fingers, or even Vanilla Wafers or Animal Crackers – the container becomes not only the “gift wrap” but also an integral part of the gift. The possibilities for food containers as gift wrap are virtually endless.

Giving jewelry? Why not enclose it in a beautiful decorative box. I have found wonderful little trinket boxes for nearly nothing at sales… and tied with a pretty ribbon, they are perfect for holding jewelry while becoming part of the gift itself.

I save Christmas cards, tear the front cover off and create new cards and gift tags. Even the plainest package can be enhanced by a special gift tag. This could also be accomplished for other occasions with any type of greeting card. I know a lady who is 100 years old, and she has made her own cards from old greeting

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