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July 23, 2010

Senior travelers: What you need to know about travel health insurance

She that must be obeyed bless her was only saying to me a few months ago are we OK with the travel insurance now that we are that little bit older? are we covered if one of us taken suddenly ill, and I had to say to of course we are my little cherub, but then I wondered if this was so we are that little much older and we are more prone to have a heart attack, and then I was talking to my next door friend and he was telling me that he and is wife were going to see there son in Australia and that they were having trouble getting travel insurance because his wife had had an operation, and that she now had high blood pressure and that no insurance company would touch them.

Now this is worrying because if you don’t disclose that you have something wrong with you, then you could be stuck in a country without any insurance when you most need it, as you will if you are hospitalized, and if you are in the USA then you are in trouble .

All insurance company’s are there for one thing only and it is not contrary to belief for your benefit, they are there to make money for there shareholder’s and you come second, and believe me they will scrutinize your claim and if they find one little fault with your claim then its goodnight Vienna you are on your own in a strange land, and having to pay for all your own hospital bills, have you got a spare million pounds or so, oh whats that you say no I have not well welcome to skid row in your old age, you will have to sell your house to pay your bills .

So if there is one thing that you must do is to be truthful with the insurance company, and search for a company that will give you insurance if you cant get it, don’t lie to them this is the one thing that you must not do, I know that it is easy to just keep quiet but don’t forget there are records that will tell them if you have been ill, and that is the get out that they will need to leave you in the lurch.

If you live in great Britain then one of the best insurance deals that any senior who has been ill, is with the post office, and one more tip is try your bank some banks like to give you free insurance when you bank with them, its worth a try and maybe you have it already with them and don’t know it like I did, I had been going on holiday and paying for insurance and did not know that my bank had already insured me, so it is worth just checking.

Never ever go on vacation without insurance, there will always be an insurance company that will insure you, You will pay that bit extra, well in some cases you will pay quite a lot for the insurance, you are after all a high risk, but think what life would be if you did not have insurance and that you fell ill, or if god forbid you died, while on vacation and your loved one had to get you back home, how do you think they would feel, when already grieving for there loss. Its best to get that insurance even if you have to pay that bit extra.

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